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Every use case.
One software platform.

Built on our cloud-based network, Solo™ by InTouch creates an integrated and scalable virtual care experience for any use case, care setting, and budget.


Give your providers everything they need to offer world-class care anywhere, anytime by connecting people, healthcare systems, HIT systems, devices, and third-party software applications on a single platform.

Solo by InTouch Overview

Solo by InTouch

SaaS platform available on web, desktop, and mobile devices

Solo by InTouch

Digital patient intake with configurable journeys

Solo by InTouch

Patient-centric architecture

Solo by InTouch

End-to-end care coordination with configurable user workflows

Solo by InTouch

Single sign-on with roles and user access controls

Solo by InTouch

Solutions available for small practices to enterprise health systems

Solo by InTouch

EHR interoperability

Solo by InTouch

Administrative view for easy program and user management

Solo by InTouch

Updated user interface for seamless virtual visits and group conferencing

Solo by InTouchUser dashboard to manage all virtual care interactions

Solo by InTouch

Analytics portal and data sharing service

Solo by InTouch

Both providers and patients can initiate consults

Putting you in control of your virtual care experience

Built to meet the unique preferences of every user, role, and clinical workflow, the user dashboard brings together all of the components needed to manage your entire virtual care practice — or programs — in a single view.

Solo by InTouch Dashboard

Software to power your virtual care programs

Designed to mirror the way you work, not change it

Our configurable software modules enable clinicians to view the patient’s continuous care journey, rather than by each episode of care – all on a single interface.


Close workflow gaps around patient intake, scheduling, documentation, image access, and analytics to create a solution that meets your unique needs.

The gateway to virtual care interactions

Every patient interaction starts with intake. Automate and virtualize the intake process across your network with a self-service check-in to support care coordination.

Solo by InTouch software module overview
InTouch Intake
Solo by InTouch - Intake

Connect to the right patient at the right time

Real-time communication and alerts to easily coordinate between patients, providers, and locations for scheduled and on-demand patient care.

Solo by InTouch - Coordinator
InTouch Coordinator
Solo by InTouch software module overview

Immediately access diagnostic-quality studies

Keep patient data secure and image files in your network with healthcare’s premier zero-footprint enterprise viewer.

InTouch Health Software Module - Imaging
InTouch Imaging
Solo by InTouch software module overview

Seamlessly document anywhere

Overcome barriers to documenting telehealth consults across your system and unaffiliated care locations. Create a bridge with your EHR, ensuring patient centricity across the continuum.

InTouch Smart Notes
InTouch Smart Notes
Solo by InTouch software module overview

Data to help you make better decisions

Drive operational improvements, clinical outcomes, and better financial performance with real-time data to make the right decision at the right time.

InTouch Analytics
Solo by InTouch Software Module - Analytics
Solo by InTouch software module overview
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Pair modules to create seamless workflows

Integrated Experience:

Pair InTouch Coordinator and Intake to enable Consult Request, bringing patients directly into your virtual care experience.

Integrated Experience:

Combine InTouch Intake and Smart Notes to capture patient information once and make it available for providers to review before initiating a consult.

Integrated Experience:

Link InTouch Smart Notes and Imaging to streamline query retrievals and allow easy access to imaging studies without opening different apps.

Focus on your patients, not the technology

Easily exchange data

Solo by InTouch is the backbone to delivering seamless care to any patient without sacrificing quality or care continuity.


Architected with a flexible integration framework to bring your EHR and third-party applications into one place with APIs, HL7 integration, scheduling, eligibility confirmation, e-prescriptions, patient surveys, payments, and digital signatures.

Interoperability - Solo by InTouch

Bring InTouch Health video into your existing applications

Simplify your daily routines using InTouch Connect Embedded to bring InTouch Health’s superior web-based audio/video experience into your EHR or other applications for a reliable, straightforward telehealth experience – whether you’re the patient or the provider.


Allow users to schedule appointments and easily launch a virtual visit for reliable, high-quality virtual care while protecting and securing sensitive healthcare information.

  1. Patients will schedule and create virtual appointments within your EHR.

  1. When a patient logs into their portal, they are able to launch a video visit, which will then take the patient into a virtual waiting room.

  1. The provider will log into the EHR and find the patient record. The provider can then click on the link for the session and it will launch the Provider Access Web App (automatically signing them into our system).

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