DearHealthCare, We Need More Accessible Care
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Virtual care made easy

Simple, easy to use, and configurable to meet your needs.


The InTouch Virtual Care Platform is everything you need to drive system-wide adoption across hundreds of locations and thousands of users to expand your regional presence and virtualize your care.


We believe in technology that fades to the background so you can focus on what really matters – delivering amazing patient care.


That’s virtual care made easy.

Get InTouch
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Open a virtual front door to your health system

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Deliver specialty care like never before


Focus on your patients – we’ll take care of the rest


Care Locations

1 Million

Virtual Care Sessions

99.95 %

Network Uptime Guarantee

99.6 %

Connection Success Rate

Highest level of security
Highest level of security

Rest easy knowing that your data is secure. Our HITRUST CSF Certification means we meet industry-defined requirements for protecting and securing sensitive healthcare information.

Leverage your existing investments
Leverage your existing investments

Layer the InTouch Operating System onto your existing EHRs, devices, and other systems to close your workflow gaps and create a solution that works for you.

InTouch Intake Virtual Care

Dear Healthcare,

We’ve made it our mission to virtualize care by thinking big, thinking beyond the boundaries of what’s possible to stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving dynamics of delivering and accessing care.


It’s not just our day job — it’s our passion. To solve your biggest problems, to help you chase your dreams, to accomplish the aspiring, the life-changing. We think big because it’s what the culmination of time demands for the future.

InTouch Health

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