Customer Testimonials: Telehealth Success Stories
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We're more than your provider
– we’re your partner

We are honored to work with the world’s best healthcare providers who share our vision that better happens every day. We strive to work as hard as you do to bring you the same award-winning experience your patients expect of you.

University of Kansas Hospital

Tony Nunn, RN, Stroke Outreach Coordinator for the University of Kansas Hospital, speaks about his experience working with InTouch Health to develop a strong telehealth network.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Pam Kolb of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital details her decision to choose InTouch Health as their telehealth partner when building a Neuroscience network.

AcuteCare Telemedicine

Hear about the benefits InTouch Health brings to the field of Neurology. Matthews Gwynn, M.D., of AcuteCare explains why partnering with InTouch Health surpassed all expectations.

University of Saskatchewan

Watch how the Saskatchewan College of Nursing leverages InTouch Health’s telehealth network to facilitate training and enable virtual care.

Dignity Health Telemedicine Network

Jim Roxburgh speaks about his experience working with InTouch Health to develop a telehealth network for Dignity Hospitals.

Pinnacle Health System

Christian Caicedo of West Shore Hospital at Pinnacle Health System speaks about his experience working with InTouch Health to develop an enterprise-wide telehealth network.

Award Winning

In the “2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services” report from KLAS Research, InTouch Health was recognized as the Category Leader for Virtual Care Platforms.


InTouch Health provides the most reliable, dedicated cloud-based network and virtual care solutions that ensure connectivity for health systems, providers, and patients at all times.

2,135 Care Locations

InTouch Health supports more than 2,135 care locations around the world – including many of the top 20 health systems – as they deploy telehealth programs across their enterprises.

Trusted by the world’s best

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