Corporate Partners: Revolutionizing Healthcare Together
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Meet our corporate partners

Because we can’t change healthcare alone,
and together is always better.

As a leader in healthcare technology, we strive to deliver world-class solutions with innovation. With the creation of our global network, we have the ability to work with partners to bring new and creative solutions to healthcare.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has been working with InTouch Health for the last three years to revamp and revolutionize their clinical education and training for their MR and CT modalities. GE Healthcare is now using InTouch Health solutions and cloud network to enable its customers to schedule on-demand training sessions with GE’s clinical application specialists. The Virtual Onsite Training (VOT) program was officially launched in 2016 at the Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago.

GE Healthcare
Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical, the global leader in surgical robotics, partnered with InTouch Health in 2016 to use the InTouch Vantage along with their state-of-the-art da Vinci Surgical System to provide flexible and reliable access to expert surgeons to interact with the surgeon performing the robotic procedure, wherever the expert surgeon may be. The program aims to enable better, quicker, and more flexible learning of new da Vinci procedures around the globe.

Karl Storz

Karl Storz, the leading endoscope manufacturer, and InTouch Health have partnered to enhance endoscopic surgery by providing global access to OR1 and Karl Storz operating rooms around the globe using InTouch Health’s class II cleared solution, VisitOR1, which InTouch Health developed specifically for Karl Storz. The integrated telemedicine device, combined with the InTouch Health Operating System and proprietary connectivity platforms, enables a remotely located surgeon to project his/her presence into a KARL STORZ OR1® integrated operating room. The connection is made by the InTouch Health network and provides high quality, real-time bi-directional audio and video communication. The surgeon has the ability to remotely control the VisitOR1™ system above the surgical field.

Karl Storz
Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

After a successful pilot in 2016, Boston Scientific launched their remote case observation at Erlanger Hospital in January 2017 where other Boston Scientific surgeons and prospects can easily schedule and log in to observe world renown surgeon Dr. Harish Manyam perform S-ICD procedures.

Stryker, Mako Surgical

Mako Surgical and InTouch Health partnered in 2011 to enhance the reach of Mako Surgical’s world class surgeons. The partnership enables Mako surgeons to easily observe cases around the globe. The program has expanded over the years and continues to be very successful and growing.

Stryker Mako Surgical

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