Telehealth Resources: Webinars, Case Studies, Whitepapers
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Webinars, Case Studies, Whitepapers

The only constant in healthcare is change

Advancements in technology and a growing demand to mend a fragmented industry are changing how health systems deliver care. Stay on top of these new developments with expert analysis and insightful tips designed to help you feel empowered by change, not frozen from it.

Telehealth Webinars On-Demand

Listen to industry experts explain how virtual care is changing how we deliver – and access – healthcare and how you can take advantage of it

Federal Telehealth Legislation: A year in review and what to expect in 2018


Join our Director, Policy and Public Affairs, Jordana Bernard, MBA, for a recap of key federal telehealth legislation of 2017 and a preview of what’s to come in 2018. Ms. Bernard has served as Chief Program Officer at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).


InTouch Health’s New Consumer Solution



Join Steve Cashman, InTouch Health’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Solutions, as he shares why InTouch Health is expanding its portfolio with a Consumer solution, what to expect going forward, and a demo of the new direct-to-consumer telehealth solution.


Where do we stand: Telemedicine reimbursement in 2017


Join Dr. Herb Rogove, DO, FCCM, FACP, FATA, for a interactive discussion about telehealth reimbursement, including who can and cannot bill, what is covered, how to submit your billing. This webinar will serve as your single source of truth on topics such as Medicare, Medicaid, and VA/DOD.


Lessons Learned: The Growth of a Pediatric Telehealth Platform


Join Mathew Dietz, MHA, Manager of Telehealth Services at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Matt is responsible for developing and implementing new areas of clinical utilization for pediatric-specific telehealth services.


How to Decide if You Should Build or Buy Your Telehealth Solution


Join Greg Brallier, VP, Technical Service, who has launched more than 130 telehealth networks and learned valuable lessons along the way. This webinar will highlight the six most important considerations when deciding whether to build or buy your telehealth network.


Top Trends in Telehealth



Join InTouch Health Founder, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, Yulun Wang, Ph.D., as he discusses the top trends in telehealth. Dr. Wang’s experience in helping build the telehealth industry, and feedback from customers, gives him a unique perspective about key telehealth trends.


Telemedicine Case Studies & Whitepapers

Learn what’s possible with virtual care from leading health systems

The Future of Telehealth at Dignity Health


Motivation, Extent, and Vision for the Dignity Health Telemedicine Network, the Fifth Largest Health System in the Nation.



Build or Buy My Telehealth Solution?


Key Considerations and the Total Cost of Ownership for Developing a Telehealth Network.



The Future of Telehealth at PinnacleHealth


Benefits of Telehealth in Reducing Readmissions at Colonial Park Care Center, a Skilled Nursing Facility and a PinnacleHealth Partner.


Case in Point: Saint Alphonsus Health System


Providing Cost-Effective Emergency and Multi-Specialty Services to Improve Patient Care in the Rural Northwest


Case in Point: Michigan Stroke Network


Creating Value and Sustainability with a 31-site Neuroscience Network Spanning the State of Michigan.



Case in Point: Grand Ronde Hospital


Creating a Borderless, Multi-Specialty Network to Increase Access to Affordable, High-Quality Care.



InTouch Telehealth Innovation Center

Get a glimpse of what a health system powered by InTouch Health can look like. Explore our Telehealth Innovation Center, where clinicians train to use our solutions and can reimagine what delivering care means.

Telehealth Innovation Blog

  • Bringing Care To The World’s Neglected

    The World Health Organization estimates that there are more than one billion people worldwide who cannot obtain health services because they are eithe...

  • New Models For Elder Care

    New Models For Elder Care

    Seniors are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S., projected to make up more than 20 percent of the total population in about a decade. But a ne...

  • Telehealth’s Butterfly Moment

    Atrium Health CEO Eugene Woods believes that something beautiful is about to happen in healthcare. In a keynote speech at the 2018 Healthcare Transfor...

  • Telehealth Combats The Opioid Crisis

    Telehealth Combats The Opioid Crisis

    According to the CDC, opioid overdoses are now the #1 cause of injury-related deaths in the U.S. Many of the states where the problem is most severe -...

  • How Nurses Are Changing TeleICUs

    Only 47% of ICUs in American hospitals employ full-time intensivists, yet nearly 6 million patients are admitted to ICUs annually. That’s why teleIC...

  • Telecardiology Partnership Drives Results

    Cardiology disease affects one in four Americans, yet many don’t have access to specialty care. But that’s changing rapidly thanks to telehealth. ...

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