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The only constant in healthcare is change – advancements in technology and a growing demand to mend a fragmented industry are changing how health systems deliver care.



Stay on top of these new developments with expert analysis and insightful tips designed to help you feel empowered by change, not frozen from it.

“Really, InTouch is providing one of the best vendor-produced webinar series that I am on. Keep them coming to drive education around telehealth and ultimately adoption!”


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On-Demand Webinars

Listen to industry experts explain how virtual care is changing how we deliver and access healthcare – and how you can take advantage of it.

COVID-19 Federal Telehealth Reimbursement Policy Update Webinar

COVID-19 Federal Telehealth Reimbursement Policy Update

Join us to discuss the newly announced federal flexibilities to expand access and reimbursement for telehealth services during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Learn about recent key federal actions, policies, and reimbursement for telehealth in response to this pandemic.
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Bridget McCabe, MD, MPH, FAAP: Medical Director at Teledoc Health

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update & Procedures for Device Cleaning

Listen to infectious disease and telemedicine experts discuss the protocols and procedures they’ve used to treat COVID-19 patients in isolation. Topics will include the latest CDC/WHO recommendations, clinical protocols, and how to clean devices.
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The Benefits of Telebehavioral Health – The DHTN Experience

Designed for participants at all levels of telebehavioral health implementation and operations, with a focus on standardization and the future of the industry, we welcome you to learn from John Mackenzie of Dignity Health as he discusses telebehavioral health parity and optimization.
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Developing On-Site Employer Clinics for Your Health System and in Your Community

Telehealth can play an important role in on-site employer clinics, allowing more cost-effective operations and improved access to the right clinicians. Join Richard Bernstein, MD and Jane Cullen, MD, of Northwestern University and Toby Hamilton, MD, and Adrian Trömel of Hamilton Health Hub as they share their experiences implementing telehealth powered on-site employer clinics with impressive results.
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Telehealth Reimbursement Webinar

Getting Paid for Telehealth Today and What to Expect in 2020

Join InTouch Health’s Jordana Bernard, Director, Policy and Public Affairs, and Tim Wright, Chief Strategy Officer, as they help you make sense of current and forthcoming reimbursement changes and what they will mean for your organization in the year to come.
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The Benefits of TeleICU at Swedish Edmonds

Join Kate Baars and Caroline Raganit of Providence St. Joseph Health as they discuss how Swedish Edmonds used a TeleICU program to optimize scarce clinical resources, bridging intensivist coverage and providing access to critical care expertise 24 hours a day while driving quality care and increased collaboration between remote and local care teams.
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Keys to a Successful Teleneurology Program: The UT Experience

Join Dr. Tzu-Ching “Teddy” Wu, MD, Teleneurologist and Director of Teleneurology, UTHealth, as he gives a first-hand account of how UTHealth has implemented a successful teleneurology program – expanding access to neurologists and high-quality care when the minutes matter the most.
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Dr Bill Carey Telemedicine

Virtual Neonatology Oversight and its Core Benefits

Listen to the panel discussion with neonatologists Dr. Bill Carey of Mayo Clinic and Dr. Barbara Carr from MEDNAX to learn how virtual neonatology can best apply to your practice or hospital. See how others are using virtual neonatology services to extend neonatal oversight and emergent interventions to their NICUs.
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InTouch Health’s New Consumer Solution

Join Steve Cashman, InTouch Health’s Executive Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Solutions, as he shares why InTouch Health is expanding its portfolio with a Consumer solution, what to expect going forward, and a demo of the new direct-to-consumer telehealth solution.
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Where We Stand: Telemedicine Reimbursement in 2017

Join Dr. Herb Rogove, DO, FCCM, FACP, FATA, for a interactive discussion about telehealth reimbursement, including who can and cannot bill, what is covered, how to submit your billing. This webinar will serve as your single source of truth on topics such as Medicare, Medicaid, and VA/DOD.
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Matt Dietz SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital

Lessons Learned: The Growth of a Pediatric Telehealth Platform

Join Mathew Dietz, MHA, Manager of Telehealth Services at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. Matt is responsible for developing and implementing new areas of clinical utilization for pediatric-specific telehealth services.
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How to Decide if You Should Build or Buy Your Telehealth Solution

Join Greg Brallier, VP, Technical Service, who has launched more than 130 telehealth networks and learned valuable lessons along the way. This webinar will highlight the six most important considerations when deciding whether to build or buy your telehealth network.
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The Top Trends in Telehealth

Join InTouch Health Founder, Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer, Yulun Wang, Ph.D., as he discusses the top trends in telehealth. Dr. Wang’s experience in helping build the telehealth industry, and feedback from customers, gives him a unique perspective about key telehealth trends.
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Telemedicine Case Studies & Whitepapers

Learn what’s possible with virtual care from leading health systems

The Benefits of Virtual Pediatric Specialist Expertise


Children’s Mercy Kansas City was challenged with meeting the high demand for providers required to adequately cover all patients that present in an extensive geographical region. Children’s Mercy turned to virtual care technology to help treat patients across their region and for a multitude of sub-specialties.

Advantages of On-Demand Telehospitalist Coverage


Nighttime coverage is vital to patient outcomes, nursing satisfaction, and the financial performance of the organization. Learn how PSJH created a nighttime 7:00pm–7:00am Telehospitalist program which now covers six facilities across three states.

The Advantages of Telecardiology Support


For a robust telecardiology solution, a hub and spoke model was developed to cease treating rural hospitals as islands lacking access to specialty care. Telecardiology services were able to not only solve the access problem, but also provide a financial boost to partner institutions.

Benefitting from a Multispecialty Telehealth Program


This multispecialty telehealth program fostered physician champions and high adoption rates, resulting in program success by enhancing patient catchment and retention, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in a highly capitated, advanced managed care market.

The Advantages of Employer Clinics


An on-site employer clinic offers easily accessible, convenient care to employees, increasing employee satisfaction and retention. Virtual care creates an opportunity to support employer sites, containing costs and streamlining care continuity.

The Benefits of Telebehavioral Health


To achieve their goal of improving timely access to quality care, the DHTN implemented a “Round and Respond” like model to improve access to behavioral health specialists.

The Benefits of Telespecialty Clinics


The DHTN found that the benefits of Telespecialty clinics satisfied their main objectives to provide remote access to medical specialties not available in rural areas.

The Benefits of Virtual Neonatology


To help triage appropriate neonatal transfers, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon implemented a TeleNICU program with InTouch Health as a partner.

The Benefits of TeleICU at Swedish Edmonds


The TeleICU at Swedish Edmonds is a distinguished example of how to optimize use of scarce clinical resources to bridge gaps in intensivist coverage.

The Future of Telehealth at Dignity Health


Motivation, extent, and vision for the Dignity Health Telemedicine Network, the fifth-largest health system in the nation.

Should I Build or Buy My Telehealth Solution?


Key considerations and the total cost of ownership for developing a telehealth network.

The Future of Telehealth at PinnacleHealth


Benefits of telehealth in reducing readmissions at Colonial Park Care Center, a skilled nursing facility and a PinnacleHealth partner.

Case in Point: Saint Alphonsus Health System


Providing cost-effective emergency and multi-specialty services to improve patient care in the rural northwest.

Case in Point: Michigan Stroke Network


Creating value and sustainability with a 31-site neuroscience network spanning the state of Michigan.

Case in Point: Grand Ronde Hospital


Creating a borderless, multi-specialty network to increase access to affordable high-quality Care.

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