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Infectious Disease Emergency Solution

Infectious Disease Emergency Solution

Infectious diseases can spread quickly and require fast, coordinated responses to help deliver high-quality patient care and reduce the risk of exposure.

Virtual care is among the best recommended solutions for social distancing and mitigating the spread of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.*

A quick-response solution for COVID-19 disease management

In an effort to level the curve, InTouch Health is committed to partnering with local governments, hospitals, and health systems around the world who are on the front lines of providing care and working toward containment of COVID-19.

The Solo™ by InTouch software platform offers a virtual-first strategy to rapidly respond, treat, and minimize the risk of spreading infectious diseases.

Provide real-time virtual care to patients at home as well as in a healthcare facility

Provide real-time virtual care to patients at home as well as in a healthcare facility

Due to unprecedented demand and the need for quick deployment, our pre-configured COVID-19 web-based software solution can be available to your care teams within 24 hours and with no monthly access fees for user licenses during the first four months.

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Keep the healthy at home and virtualize existing patient care

  • Intelligent patient assessment

Offer a COVID-19 virtual assessment and intake process directly on your website, mobile app, or by phone to direct care to the appropriate care setting

  • Provide ongoing and uninterrupted patient care

Manage existing, non-emergent patient volumes virtually, including on-demand or scheduled appointments

Minimize exposure within a facility for in-patient care

  • Effectively tele-isolate

Download software on your existing telehealth devices, tablets, or laptops to continuously monitor and treat patients in isolation

  • Limit on-site visits

Provide on-demand or scheduled virtual visits for representatives, family members, and any non-essential visitors

  • Maximize resources

Use any device as a virtual endpoint to optimize staffing and care teams with full scheduling capabilities, real-time notifications, and provider-to-provider consultations 

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