One virtual care platform to provide a seamless experience for both patients and providers

Open a virtual front door to your practice or health system

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Extend care beyond your four walls with direct-to-consumer telehealth solutions to fill in gaps of care and connect your providers with patients in a way that makes care convenient and accessible from anywhere.

Built on our cloud-based network, Solo™ creates a seamless experience across web, mobile, or desktop.

Patient self-service

Enable consumers and patients to initiate care from anywhere.

Automated check-in

Cut wait times and eliminate data entry mistakes with self-guided intake and our A.I. rules engine.


Works on all smart devices without requiring patients to download another app.

Easy to use

Our simple user interface with single sign-on is seamless across web, mobile, and desktop.

Integrated billing

Collect payments and confirm eligibility inside the system before connecting.

EMR integration

Integrates with all major EMRs and automatically reconciles data to keep it clean.


Enable on-demand, consumer-initiated care

Our Consumer Solution provides easy on-demand access to your caregivers and a best-in-class direct-to-consumer telemedicine system to capture new patients.

Plus, with an AI rules engine to guide new patients through your intake process and route them to the appropriate provider or waiting room, it’s no wonder we’ve seen a 459% growth of new patient consults in one year.*

And the best part? It’s all integrated into your existing EHR.

*Based on customer data

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Direct-to-Patient Telehealth Solutions - video still


Unify your virtual and in-clinic care

Telehealth is now mainstream. You need best-in-class efficiency and productivity to meet the virtual care delivery needs you have today, and the ones you’ll need tomorrow.

Increase your number of consults by as much as 800%* with a comprehensive virtual telemedicine app for existing patient care. With an emphasis on improved outcomes and value-based reimbursement, our Direct-to-Patient Solution is easy to love, which is why so many do.

*Based on customer data

Employer Clinic

Partner with local employers to provide on-site, near-site, or at-home care

Contract directly with local employers to provide a better way to manage on-site and online medical care for their employees and dependents. Provide your clinical services in a more personalized, streamlined experience than retail telehealth companies.

Use our Employer Clinic Solution for online medical care to build extended continuity of care and create a relationship with local businesses and their employees: your patients.

Consumer Telehealth Solutions: Employer Clinic

Built on Solo

Built on our cloud-based network with simplicity at its core, Solo creates a seamless experience across web, mobile, or desktop. As the backbone of healthcare’s first fully integrated platform, Solo enables software and devices to bring the ease and familiarity of face-to-face care to your patients.

Teladoc Health drives results

Transform your health system by opening a virtual front door for new and existing patients

Teladoc Health drives results

Transform your health system by opening a virtual front door for new and existing patients

Medical Center using InTouch Health Direct-to-Consumer Solution


hospitals and EDs served

provider and scheduler accounts

new patient consultations (2017)

growth of new patient consultations in 1 year

*Based on customer data


increase in number of sessions

savings per telehealth visit

monthly primary care visits per division

virtual care platform selected from 20 vendors

Teladoc Health ranked the #1 Virtual Care Platform in 2020 Best in KLAS Report

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