2019 Best in KLAS Virtual Care Platform


Your success is our success,
and it's what drives us forward

With the highest satisfaction rates in the industry and the most secure, reliable, and scalable network around, we’re committed to bringing you unmatched products and services so you can provide world-class care to every patient – anytime, anywhere.


Rated #1 for Virtual Care Platforms in 2020 Best in KLAS Report

For the third year in a row, KLAS Research recognized InTouch Health as the #1 virtual care platform. With an overall score of 87, InTouch Health surpassed competitors with its unrivaled proactive service, day-to-day support, and the highest rated clinician and patient experience.

• Highest rated vendor for proactive service and support

• Highest rated vendor for clinician and patient experience

Delivering Ease of Use

“A local facility told us that InTouch Health’s system is the most reliable and the easiest system to work with. InTouch Health has really been a good pick for us. I’m convinced we made the right decision.”

The Proven Market Leader

“InTouch Health is on the right track, and they are doing all the right things. I’m excited to see what their future is like and how they continue to grow as an organization.”



Rest easy knowing that your data is secure on the InTouch Virtual Care Platform

HITRUST CSF Certified status indicates that an organization meets industry-defined requirements and is appropriately managing risk. This places InTouch Health in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification.

AdvaMed Certified

Enabling the advancement of healthcare through the use of virtual care technology requires collaboration with healthcare professionals. InTouch Health is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and compliant behavior to ensure the utmost success of each of our partners and the patients that they care for.


As such, we are involved members in the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), and have earned the AdvaMed Code of Ethics Certification in efforts to display our avid mission to achieve ethical interactions with healthcare professionals.


By holding ourselves to this standard, it shows the value we place on establishing the appropriate interactions necessary to enable health systems with the ability provide the highest of quality and most secure virtual care.

AdvaMed Code of Ethics Certified
Innovations in Healthcare Technology

IEEE Educational Activities Board, 2017

3G A-List™

Qualcomm, 2007

President’s Innovation in Remote Health Care

American Telemedicine Association, 2005

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