What Sets InTouch Health OS Software Apart from the Rest?

What Sets the InTouch Operating System Apart from the Rest?

Telehealth is quickly becoming a streamlined, cost-efficient, valuable way for healthcare to be delivered to those patients who need it most. While there are various programs, platforms, and operating systems available out there, only InTouch Health offers all the very best features to make telemedicine effective, efficient, and economical.

What sets InTouch Health OS software apart from other telemedicine programs?

Easy to Use

One of the qualities most commonly reported on in telemedicine software reviews has to do with the ease of use. InTouch Health software is easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface. There’s no need to try to remember various logins or passwords; take advantage of easy-to-use single identity and login. The InTouch software is also seamless across the Web, mobile, and desktop, so you’ll always have familiar pages at your fingertips.


The healthcare industry operates in accordance with some of the strictest privacy laws in the country, and we know how vital it is to keep patient information secure and on a maximum privacy level. That’s why our software is HITRUST certified. In addition, it’s also HIPAA compliant and uses AES 256-bit encryption, TLS, and SRTP.

Easy to Incorporate and Configurable

A program does little good if your department or establishment has to undo years of work on your current intact programs just to incorporate the telemedicine software. InTouch OS software is a single operating system with configurable software modules. This way you can not only enjoy seamless incorporation into your currently used programs, but also choose only what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Enterprise Ready and Interoperable

The InTouch OS software features standards-based interoperability, APIs, and FHIR, HL7, SIU, MDM, PDF, and SIP and WebRTC embedded A/V. In addition, with the growing number of users in larger hospitals and networks than ever before, telemedicine software reviews often praise programs like InTouch that are designed to scale. This means that the InTouch OS easily handles the largest hospitals and networks, even among dozens of locations and hundreds of users.


No telehealth software does anyone any good if it isn’t reliable; that’s why the InTouch OS uses cloud-based global audio/visual networking, multi-party A/V, firewall traversal, and dynamic bandwidth. It’s all in place to ensure that the program is always up and running to be right there when you and your team need it most so you can focus on treating your patients.

With so many reasons to trust the InTouch Health OS for your network, it’s no wonder why so many hospitals and medical personnel use it. The secure, reliable, easy-to-use and interoperable software is simply the best out there – try it and discover how your telehealth sector flourishes.