Transforming Team-Based Care

January 9, 2013 by InTouch Health

The first chapter in telemedicine was about providing care where it was urgently needed, especially in under-served rural communities. But now we’re seeing breakthroughs in how care is delivered, where remote specialists work closely with onsite clinicians as if they were actually present in the room.

Team-based care requires technologies that are seamless and easy to use. And our new RP-VITA remote presence robot is taking ease of use to the next level with its environmental awareness and autonomous capabilities. Simply by tapping a tablet screen, a clinician can select a destination (such as the ICU) and RP-VITA undocks and goes there independently.

Upon arrival, RP-VITA coordinates the care provided by a multidisciplinary team – some local, some remote. Not only does RP-VITA transform collaborative care, but it adds a new layer of clinical value by serving as a force multiplier to existing onsite staff. In short, RP-VITA brings healthcare’s long-sought triple aim into reach: improving healthcare access to entire populations, reducing per-capita costs, and dramatically enhancing the patient experience (both quality and satisfaction).

Here’s an example of how RP-VITA coordinates care in the ICU:

At 7:25 a.m., a clinician taps an iPad screen and RP-VITA automatically undocks and moves on its own to the ICU. The robot displays patient data to the onsite nurse, respiratory therapist and case manager – and makes that same information available to a remote critical care physician and pharmacist. Soon a radiologist joins in the collaborative effort as the team details daily goals. RP-VITA then moves independently to the next patient, and eventually returns to its charging station.

RP-VITA is helping to ensure that technology, people and processes are all “on the same page,” delivering superbly coordinated care that leads to better outcomes and lower costs.

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