The Telehealth Industry is “Exploding”

January 3, 2017 by InTouch Health

When you hear about a successful venture that’s “exploding” or “overwhelming”, it usually brings to mind a blockbuster movie like 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which has grossed nearly $2.1 billion since its release.

Now you can officially add “telehealth” to the list.

American Telemedicine Association CEO, Jonathan Linkous, recently told Healthcare IT News that “telehealth is an exploding field…it’s almost overwhelming.” And his view is validated by new research from, which predicts the telehealth industry will more than double in a five-year period – from an estimated $25 billion industry in 2015 to nearly $58 billion by 2020. That type of spectacular growth makes Star Wars: The Force Awakens look tame.

The ATA’s Telehealth 2.0 conference in April is on track to showcase more than 1,000 new telehealth products and technologies. But all this innovation brings its own set of challenges. And what Linkous calls the #1 challenge – going beyond hospital walls to provide seamless integration across the care continuum – is an area where InTouch Health is already offering solutions.

We knew that telehealth was poised for explosive growth…and we’re ready to meet the challenge.

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