Specialty Follow-Up

Deliver scheduled specialty care at scale like never before — all on a single platform

Expand access to specialty follow-up care

Expand access to specialty follow-up care

Receiving adequate specialty care is challenging. Finding ways to connect fewer physicians to more patients efficiently and at scale is now an urgent need.

By virtualizing your specialty follow-up care, you can extend the reach of your physicians to meet that need as well as improve outcomes and avoid transferring patients outside your healthcare system.

InTouch Health Telehealth Solutions

Our Specialty Follow-Up Solution eliminates the uncertainty and frustrations of traditional scheduled care models using integrated software to ensure more patients can be seen, appointments remain on-time, and documentation is captured.

85% of healthcare costs are related to specialty care¹

By 2030, we will see a physician shortage of over 100,000²

Reduce inefficiencies with virtual care

By offering your team a single platform to deliver specialty care to any patient with just one click, you can control the flow of high-value patients — even with limited specialist resources.

Without common barriers such as travel or delayed wait times, your patients stay in your system, increasing patient catchment and retention, brand awareness, and revenue.

Treat patients closer to home

Minimize time spent traveling for both physicians and patients to reduce frustrations, lack of engagement, and no shows, with improved communication

Virtualize and scale care delivery

Extend new service lines to remote areas, increasing access to and quality of care while allowing revenue-generating care to be provided within your system​

Reduce inefficiencies

Improve your providers’ experience and eliminate the uncertainty and frustrations with scheduled telehealth by always connecting to the right room at the right time

Elevate your brand

Increase the flow of high-value patients in your health system and build your regional presence with our next-generation technology and white-labeled solutions

Specialty Follow-Up Sample System

Specialty Follow-Up Telehealth Solutions Example

Built on Solo™

Built on our cloud-based network with simplicity at its core, Solo creates a seamless experience across web, mobile, or desktop. As the backbone of healthcare’s first fully integrated platform, Solo enables software and devices to bring the ease and familiarity of face-to-face care to your patients.

Teladoc Health Drives Results

Dignity Health, one of the largest health systems in the nation and the largest hospital provider in California, identified telehealth program opportunities within their clinic system and redesigned five existing specialty service lines to provide remote access to medical specialties not available in rural areas.

They found that the benefits of telespecialty clinics satisfied their main objectives: decreased no-shows, increased patient satisfaction, lessened patient travel time, and kept patients in their community. Dignity Health also saw high utilization for their telespecialty program with 5,270 consults from 2015–2019.

Case Study - The Benefits of Telespecialty Clinics

¹ AMA. Trends in Health Care Spending. 2018
² AAMC News. Research Shows Shortage of More than 100,000 Doctors by 2030. 2017

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