Enhance quality of care with 24/7 access to neonatal specialists 

Providing adequate neonatology services presents a large burden for many hospitals with limited resources

Ensuring your smallest, most vulnerable patients are properly cared for improves the clinical capabilities of your organization and can have major impacts to minimize malpractice liability while reducing transport costs.

1 in 330 births result in neonatal encephalopathy¹

1 in 660 births result in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE)¹

50% of HIE cases do not survive or have a major neurodevelopmental disability¹

InTouch Health Neonatology Telehealth Solution

Teleneonatology Video

Our virtual Neonatology Solution is intuitive, easily adoptable, and designed to increase efficiency

24/7 access to virtual neonatologists has proven to enhance neonatal outcomes and minimize associated malpractice liability and risk — an average of $960K per settlement² — and decrease unnecessary neonatal transport costs by 30%.³

Everything you need for virtual oversight

Virtualizing your neonatology program with our novel staffing solution can extend specialist expertise, enhance quality care for patients and providers, and triage appropriate transfers to a NICU. 

Built in partnership with some of the nation’s leading neonatologists, our virtual Neonatology Solution enhances the quality of care for patients, originating sites, and appropriate transfers to higher-level care.

Seamless consult notes

Increase the accuracy and ease of documentation

Purpose-built devices

Facilitate virtual care when and where you need it

Data to support your program

Formulate strategies that best align with your clinical goals

Neonatology Sample System

Neonatology Telehealth Solutions Example

Built on Solo™

Built on our cloud-based network with simplicity at its core, Solo creates a seamless experience across web, mobile, or desktop. As the backbone of healthcare’s first fully integrated platform, Solo enables software and devices to bring the ease and familiarity of face-to-face care to your patients.

Teladoc Health Drives Results

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital consistently received newborn transfers for conditions that could be treated at the local care facility if there was access to specialist expertise. This health system looked at telehealth solutions to help triage appropriate neonatal transfers.

Additionally, a virtual neonatology program would allow remote intervention assistance to on-site providers to stabilize the patient while waiting for the transport team to arrive or assist in determining whether a transport could be prevented.

Case Study - The Benefits of Virtual Neonatology
New revenue through neonatal partnerships: 


Average NICU payment per "very low birth weight" transfer⁴


Average annual new transfers to NICU as result of partnership⁵


Annual new NICU payments per year as result of partnership⁵

Clinical evidence of partnership success:


Settled birth injury cases since implementation²


Reduction in unnecessary neonatal transfers³


Annual savings in neonatal transport cost avoidance⁶

¹ Wu, Yvonne. “Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Neonatal Encephalopathy.”
² Medscape Malpractice Report 2017
³ Mayo Clinic, SSM Health, Intermountain Health
⁴ National Perinatal Information System/Quality Analytic Services
⁵ Emergency Video Telemedicine Consultation for Newborn Resuscitations: The Mayo Clinic Experience & InTouch Health Cardinal Glennon Case Study Results
⁶ Intermountain Health

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