What is TeleICU?

TeleICU, or TeleCritical Care, has become a way for hospitals and health systems to more effectively provide intensivist-led care into the ICU. Often times, smaller ICUs are challenged with having appropriate coverage and continuity of care. With teleICU, intensivists can remotely manage patients and provide the oversight needed to advance the patient’s care.


Elements of InTouch TeleICU

Utilizing telehealth to provide consistent intensivist support in the ICU has been shown to overcome critical care challenges and provide significant benefits for patients, including:

InTouch TeleICU Solution

Through the use of the InTouch Telehealth Network, hospitals have been able to facilitate intensivist presence resulting in better clinical outcomes. With the InTouch TeleICU care delivery models, hospitals have been able to:

  • Increase quality of patient care through specialist access and appropriate triage
  • Reduce risk and improve quality measures (VAP, DVT, CLABSI, CAUTI)
  • Reduce costs through intensivist-led care and oversight
  • Decrease length of stay and increase patient census


InTouch Health customers have developed a “Round and Respond” model of teleICU care. In this model, a physician is able to proactively manage, triage, and treat patients based on the needs and capacity of the remote facility. This model has proven to be effective in driving outcomes and less disruptive than other more capital intensive models.


By utilizing our comprehensive platform, our customers have achieved significant results, including reduced door-to-disposition times and increased throughput. Customers have seen ED wait times of greater than 20 hours be reduced to five hours. These results have the ability to greatly impact the financial burden that mental health services can have on a hospital or health system, by avoiding an average net loss of $2,264 per mental health related ED visit and increasing the number of cancelled involuntary commitment (IVC) patients by 33% or more.

Other Featured Service Lines

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Service Line


Telestroke has become one of the most successful uses of telemedicine, allowing experts to provide consultations with patients located at hospitals that lack access to expert opinions.

Service Line

Telebehavioral Health

Telebehavioral health, or telemental health, has emerged as the fastest growing initiative among hospitals and health systems in recent years.

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