Extend your services to outlying locations

Everything you need to start, enhance, or expand your virtual cardiology offering — all on a single platform

Everything you need to start, enhance, or expand your virtual cardiology offering — all on a single platform

As the number of patients with cardiovascular disease increases, the demand for specialists and coverage continues to grow.  Virtual care for cardiology services provides patients and providers with a more convenient, cost-effective way to treat and diagnose cardiovascular disease.

Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack¹

Heart disease costs the U.S. about $219 billion each year¹

InTouch Health Cardiology Telehealth Solution

Keep your patients close to home

With telehealth, cardiologists can provide remote coverage for clinics, urgent care centers, and emergency departments. Real-time remote access to cardiology services in locations that currently lack specialists ensures your patients are treated in their local communities.

Our Cardiology Solution provides telecardiology support for even the most complex cardiac patients. Our peripheral-enabled devices allow you to expand your regional presence — or, use Physician Services to supplement your services.

  • Elevate your brand with next-generation technology

Build your regional presence and extend cardiology services to outlying locations 

  • Virtualize and scale care delivery

Enable immediate access to cardiology specialists to shorten time to treatment, drive best practices, and improve outcomes 

  • Treat patients in the appropriate care setting

Keep patients close to home and within your system, reducing inessential travel, and avoiding expensive, unnecessary transfers 

  • Improve outcomes

Provide remote cardiology support for even the most complex cardiac patients with purpose-built devices 

Cardiology Sample System

Cardiology Telehealth Solutions Example

Built on Solo™

Built on our cloud-based network with simplicity at its core, Solo creates a seamless experience across web, mobile, or desktop. As the backbone of healthcare’s first fully integrated platform, Solo enables software and devices to bring the ease and familiarity of face-to-face care to your patients.

Teladoc Health Drives Results

Our Cardiology Solution positively impacts the community by increasing patient access to specialists. Plus, retaining patients and increasing diagnostic testing can increase revenue.

  • Decrease the response time to intervention and care
  • Increase the number of patients kept in their communities
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Increase physicians' quality of life and reduce stress

Cardiovascular Institute of the South implemented a hub and spoke model to cease treating rural hospitals as islands lacking access to specialty care. With dedicated technology on-site and a call panel of cardiologists, both high-acuity and stable patients were able to be met at their local care center and transferred or remotely monitored depending on the severity and type of cardiovascular case.

This provider discovered their telecardiology services were able to not only solve the access problem, but also provide a financial boost to partner institutions.

180% return on investment

86% of patients kept in their communities

99% patient satisfaction rate

30-minute or less response time


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¹ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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