Telehealth Solutions

Virtual care solutions across the patient journey — from the hospital to the home

InTouch Health Telehealth Solutions

Built to make your life simple

Designed to mirror the way you work, not change it, we give you everything you need to virtualize your services.

Be in control of your virtual care experience with configurable software modules and purpose-built devices to create turnkey solutions that meet the needs and preferences of every user, role, and clinical workflow.

Consumer Telehealth Solutions

Give your patients access to more convenient care

Convenience is everything. Extend your reach and allow your patients to enter your health system from anywhere with just a click.

Perfect for when patients are at home or other non-clinical locations — like a retirement home, school, or work — our Consumer solutions give you the ability to support on-demand access to your caregivers for easy patient capture.


Enable on-demand, consumer-initiated care from anywhere

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Unify your virtual and in-clinic care with existing patients​

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Common use cases

  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • Pediatrics
  • Chronic Care

Specialty Telehealth Solutions

Extend the reach of your specialists like never before

InTouch Health Specialty Telehealth Solutions Video Still

Better control the flow of high-value patients — even with limited resources — with a solution built to simplify specialty care and reduce inefficiencies, even during your busiest days.

Deliver virtual care for low to medium acuity use cases routinely handled in hospital or clinic settings with software and devices that extend the reach of your physicians to see more patients and improve outcomes.

Specialty Follow-Up

Deliver scheduled care with reduced inefficiencies​

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Behavioral Health

Overcome the psychiatrist shortage

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Convenient Care

See patients where they live, work and learn

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Need additional specialist resources?

Augment your existing coverage with Physician Services to meet patients at any point in their journey.

Emergent Telehealth Solutions

Life-saving care when the minutes matter most

To your patients and their loved ones, you are in the business of miracles. Give your providers the ability to initiate lifesaving treatments sooner in the ambulance, emergency department, intensive care units, and beyond.

Built with the industry’s best network, software, and devices, our turnkey emergent telehealth solutions not only work, but help save lives. Focus on your patients, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Increase speed to care and reduce door-to-needle times ​

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Behavioral Health

The fastest-growing telehealth use case

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Critical Care

Provide consistent intensivist support

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Help families get their newborns home sooner

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Extend your services to outlying locations

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