Network Management Made Easy

November 28, 2012 by InTouch Health

As telemedicine networks grow larger and more complex, the task of m\anaging them has become more challenging. That’s why we’ve introduced a new product called SureView™ that puts network utilization data right at your fingertips. It’s the first acute care telemedicine network management tool of its kind, and it’s already being hailed by both network managers and hospital IT staff. In addition to providing network stats and utilization data, SureView integrates clinical workflow solutions like StrokeRESPOND for continuous monitoring of key clinical outcomes.

Before SureView, you had to contact your ITH rep to get utilization data, which was sometimes a day or two old. Now it’s available to you instantly, in a graphics-rich, easy-to-understand dashboard that you can access from any computer, any time.

Example dashboard of SureView clinical software application.

The bigger your hub-and-spoke network, the more you’ll appreciate SureView. Network administrators can quickly identify which sites and physicians are using remote presence devices the most – and those that aren’t. SureView also presents information from the StrokeRESPOND database so you can see month-over-month trends and determine whether door-to-needle time is improving.

SureView simplifies IT troubleshooting by providing a precise picture of network conditions at any time. If a physician reports a problem from the previous night, an IT person can quickly investigate to see if there were bandwidth problems or connection issues.

With SureView, it’s easy to export utilization data to Excel for easier reporting and charting. And all SureView information is sortable and searchable. For instance, you can quickly sort by endpoint battery status or wifi status to determine which units need attention.

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