InTouch Vita

Driven to deliver world-class patient care

Increase efficiency and provider independence in high-volume patient settings

Autodrive — traverse patient locations with ease

With advanced features including AutoDrive®, remote providers can control or automatically traverse to a patient care location, increasing efficiency and independence in high-volume patient settings with demanding clinical workflows.

Focus on the details

See every detail for close-up diagnosis and patient care oversight with a high-definition pan-tilt-zoom camera head

equivalent zoom

Telehealth Equipment/Device: InTouch Vita

Streamline diagnostics with connected peripherals

Enhance usability with a simple interface featuring an integrated stethoscope, privacy headset and I/O ports for verified peripherals


Connect using:
• Audio In/Out
• C-Video In
• S-Video In
• VGA Out
• Ethernet

Industry-leading connectivity and
24/7 proactive monitoring to ensure
successful telehealth connections*

*Monitoring and support are dependent on the support tier selected

InTouch Health 24/7 proactive monitoring