Telehealth Devices

Designed for a multitude of use cases, environments, and budgets, our telehealth devices ensure easy access to high-quality virtual care

A scalable telehealth solution available on either a dedicated tablet or as downloadable software

Transform any HDMI-enabled TV into a telehealth device to affordably scale your virtual care programs

Portable access to leading specialists for urgent consults on-the-go

Perfect for a variety of clinical settings and use cases for convenient care anywhere

A high-quality, compact telehealth device for excellent patient care

Next-generation telehealth technology for high-acuity situations

A cost-effective solution for procedure collaboration and remote monitoring

Increase efficiency and provider independence with our most advanced telehealth device

  • Easy to use

Give your providers everything they need to offer world-class care simply and seamlessly across web, mobile, and desktop.

  • Reliable

Proactive monitoring and fleet maintenance ensures successful technology and solutions that work every time.

  • Purpose-built​

Simulate in-person consults with all the clinical capabilities fundamental to treating your patients virtually at your fingertips.

Virtual care solutions across the patient journey — from the hospital to the home

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Enable patients to initiate care from anywhere

Deliver scheduled specialty care like never before

Solutions designed for high-acuity care

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