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How to update Windows OS

How to update Mac OS

How to update Firefox browser

How to update Chrome browser

Solo Q3 2020 Browser/OS Compatibility and Tested Devices

BrowserStart of SupportOperating System
Chrome76Mac OS 10.14 and later
Windows 7 and 10
Android v7.0 and later
Android WebView (Chrome)7.0Android v7.0 and later
Safari12.1Mac OS 10.14 and later
iOS 12.1 and later
Safari (In-App)13.1iOS 13.1 and later
Firefox68Windows 7 and 10
Edge84 (*Q1 2021)Windows 10 — *Qualification in Progress, intended support Q1 2021
IE 1111Windows 7 – Support ends Q1 2021
Note: Windows Provider Access Software (PAS) and Windows Viewpoint Software will no longer be supported on Windows 7/8 as of Q1 2021.

Windows Devices
Windows 7 32 Bit, 64 Bit
Windows 10 32 Bit, 64 Bit
iOS Devices Version
iPhone 6,7,8 12 and above
iPhone Xs, XR 12 and above
iPhone 11, 11 Pro 12 and above
iPad Air 12 and above
iPad Pro (Standard and 13.1 inches) 12 and above
Android Devices Version
Samsung Tab S5 Android 5.0 and above
Samsung S9 Android 5.0 and above
Google Pixel 3, 4 Android 5.0 and above
Mac Devices Operating System
MacBook Pro Catalina
MacBook Pro Big Sur

Frequently Asked Questions

Provider Access Software Desktop App

  • Use the “Forgot Password” link.
  • Enter your username or email and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  • Best practice: try typing the password where you can see it to make sure all letters and symbols are correct.

  • On the Provider’s list of “Care Locations” the circles on the left-hand side of the device name will indicate its availability.
    • A green dot means the device is available.
    • A blue dot means the device is already in use.
    • A grey dot means the device is offline.
      • If the device is offline, restarting the device would the first thing to do.
  • If the device is not on your list, contact your program manager or technical support.

  • When you log in, go to AV in the top right corner.
  • Follow the steps indicated by the AV wizard.
  • You should receive 3 green checks once complete.

  • Have the Provider check his/her connection with another device (demo device).
    • If the provider cannot connect to another device, then the problem lies on the provider’s end.
    • If the provider can connect to another device, then the problem can be rooted back to the device.
      • If this is the case, try restarting the device.

  • Have the Provider check his/her connection with another device in their “care location” list (i.e. a “demo” device).
    • If the provider has good session quality on a demo device check the device diagnostics.
  • Check that the internet is working by:
    • Trying to access any website
    • Switching networks (or doing a hotspot with your phone)
    • Restarting your router if possible
  • Have a local staff verify the device’s wi-fi strength and network via the “i” icon in the bottom right corner of the touch screen.
    • If the wi-fi signal is low or the device is attached to a suboptimal network, restarting the device would be the next step.
  • If the session quality is still poor, the provider should be instructed to call TAC (877) 484-9119.

  • Press the power button on the device.
    • Depending on the device this can be in various places — see the device quick reference guide for power button location.
  • Once the device has powered off, wait for a few seconds and then click the power button again to power back on.
  • The device will begin its usual power up sequence that includes calibrating the head/cameras. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 1 to 2 minutes.
  • If a simple restart does not resolve the issues, please call TAC (877) 484-9119.

InTouch Patient App

  • Go to the App Store icon.
  • Search for “InTouch Patient”.
  • Select “Get” to download.

  • Ensure that you allow access to the camera and microphone when prompted by the InTouch Patient Mobile App.
    • You will be prompted with the following message.

  • If utilizing an iOS device, you may need to also enable the Microphone and Camera in the app settings.

  • To keep the device “awake”:
    • For touch screen devices – tap or swipe screen periodically.
    • For non-touch screen devices – move mouse or tap keyboard periodically.
  • Do not allow your device to “sleep” while waiting for provider to arrive.
  • Allowing the device to enter “sleep” mode may disrupt the video and waiting room session.

  • Ignore or decline an incoming call if already in a session with a provider.
  • Receiving phone calls while in a session may disrupt the session and cause your audio and video to disconnect.

  • Ensure you are in a private area and try to connect to a private Wi-Fi when possible.
  • Avoid moving around, pacing, or driving/riding in a vehicle while in a session with your provider.
  • Ensure that all unnecessary applications and software are closed on the device you intend to use.