Telehealth Medical Devices: Facilitate Virtual Care Anywhere
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Facilitate Virtual Care

While we offer device-agnostic solutions, we also offer a full suite of telehealth devices for a multitude of use cases, environments, and budgets. Built to enable connections across the entire care continuum, you are sure to find a device to deliver successful remote clinical interactions, each and every time.

Easy To Use

Make informed clinical decisions with our easy to use interface and single sign on platform


Proactive monitoring and fleet maintenance means our devices will work even in the most critical situations


Designed to simulate in-person consults, our devices use powerful pan-tilt-zoom cameras, keeping the focus on your patients


Expanding patient care across the continuum

Available as both downloadable software (bring your own device) or as a turnkey solution preinstalled on a Windows or iOS tablet, the InTouch Viewpoint gives you a scalable solution to extend remote care in any location.

InTouch TV

Transform any TV or monitor into a telehealth device

InTouch TV is a low-cost telehealth solution that leverages HDMI-enabled TVs or monitors, allowing your providers and patients a gateway to the world’s most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use telehealth experience.

InTouch TV Pro

Scale your virtual care with a high-quality, affordable solution

Transform any HDMI-enabled TV or monitor into a world-class telehealth solution with the InTouch TV Pro. Using a high-performance camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability, InTouch TV Pro enables detailed examinations and reading of patient monitoring devices from a distance, effectively placing the provider in the room with the patient.


Portable access for urgent specialist consults

Experience high-quality remote care from anywhere with this lightweight, portable, and durable device. Use the InTouch Xpress in a variety of configurations, including mounted to a fixed location, placed on a table, carried to the patient bedside as a handheld device, or mounted on the Xpress cart accessory.


Designed for time critical patient care

The InTouch Lite’s compact and streamlined design fits into the clinical workflow whether in the emergency department or long-term care. Purpose-built, the Lite empowers the remote provider to make informed clinical decisions necessary for time critical patient care.


Adaptability for various care environments

With a small footprint and exceptional design, the InTouch Vici is a convenient, scalable, turnkey cart that leverages InTouch Health’s expertise in mobility, user experience for both physician and patient, and workflow to ensure reliable, enriched care delivery.


A cost effective solution for procedure collaboration and remote mentoring

Access to expert proctors and mentors, privileges for in-situ training, and surgical broadcasts are all time consuming and costly methods to learn new procedures. The InTouch Vantage is well suited for the operating theater, interventional lab, and hybrid procedure room, providing unique opportunities for surgical team training and advanced technique sharing.


Advanced technology for increased efficiency and remote physician independence

Our most advanced telehealth device, InTouch Vita exemplifies improved efficiency for doctors and staff to deliver time critical patient care. AutoDrive to predetermined patient locations, perfect for busy care locations or physicians in unfamiliar care locations.

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