Maximize Care, Minimize Exposure

To patients, providers, consumers, and stakeholders:

For over 15 years, healthcare providers worldwide have trusted InTouch Health to deliver reliable, secure, and uninterrupted treatment in the moments it matters most. As we continue navigating this unprecedented time, I want to reaffirm that commitment to you, your colleagues, and the patients and communities you serve.

Each day, doctors, nurses, and technical staff continue taking big risks as they work to level the curve of the current global pandemic. I recognize you are under immense pressure to meet the new demands of the virus. Every community should be equipped to deliver care without the fear of transmission or added administrative burden.

To ensure that you can swiftly and securely treat existing patients and manage the influx of new cases, InTouch Health has pre-configured our software platform, Solo™ by InTouch, to rapidly respond, treat, and minimize exposure to COVID-19. Within less than 24 hours, we can deploy our cloud-based software to enable end-to-end patient care, including virtual COVID-19 screening. For four months, InTouch Health is waiving access fees for Solo by InTouch so we can keep the healthy at home, maximize care, and minimize exposure. Telemedicine is a viable solution for limiting the transmission of respiratory viruses and administering regular and urgent health screenings.

We all have a part to play as we collectively work toward containment. We are focused on what matters most and want to ensure you have access to the best virtual care technology available to support your efforts during this time. We are in this together.

On behalf of everyone at InTouch Health, our families, and our friends, thank you for your dedication and all that you do to keep our communities safe. We cannot thank you enough for this sacrifice.

Joseph M. DeVivo
President, Hospitals & Health Systems
InTouch Health