No Crystal Ball Needed

January 22,, 2014 by By InTouch Health

Any company involved in robotics owes a special thanks to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Google’s Larry Page and Andy Rubin. All three are widely recognized as visionaries in the tech community – and what they say gets the immediate attention of their peers and the media.

So when Bezos appeared recently on 60 Minutes to unveil Amazon’s long-range plan for delivery drones, the world took notice. There was also a big splash when Google leaders revealed that they’ve acquired eight robotics companies in recent months. Google’s Rubin refers to these robotics ventures as “moonshots” that will require a decade of R&D to bear fruit.

It’s great when corporate titans endorse the long-range viability of robotics, but it sometimes obscures the fact that robotics innovation is delivering real-world results right now.

While Amazon experiments with drone-delivery technology, the company is already deploying more than 1,000 robots in its distribution warehouses.

In the healthcare field alone, there are many companies where robotics is currently the centerpiece, including NASDAQ-traded Intuitive Surgical, Mako Surgical (now part of Stryker) and, of course, InTouch Health.

In short, people don’t have to wait until 2024 to be amazed by what robotics innovation can do. The prospect of a drone delivering your holiday packages pales in comparison to an RP-VITA helping remotely diagnose and treat a stroke patient. It’s the difference between a life-enhancing application and a life-saving one.

It’s always fun to envision an astonishing future, but it’s also important to realize that robotics technology is producing marvels, even as we speak.