Interoperability in Action – Creating a Better Physician Experience

By Joe DeVivo

The use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) has become an integral part of hospital system operations in recent years, making interoperability a must-have for HIT innovations. EHRs are meant to make the process of sharing important medical information and histories easier for both providers and patients. From incorporating automated data entry to synchronizing patient insurance information and streamlining post-visit communications, the technology’s goal is to create a better, more efficient user experience.

Aligned with this same goal, prominent healthcare leaders have recently projected that as much as 50 percent of care delivery could become virtual. However, in order to make this possible, an integrated and interoperable telehealth solution is required to allow a physician to have a secure, virtual interaction with his/her patients. Whether from the comfort of their homes, in a clinic, at an emergency room, or inside a hospital, an end-to-end solution of this kind has been difficult to find. Until now.

This year, InTouch Health sought to fill the industry’s technology gap for interoperable telehealth solutions by creating Solo™ by InTouch, the industry’s first fully integrated, end-to-end virtual care platform. Solo by InTouch delivers enterprise solutions to provide scalable, patient-centric telehealth for any use case in any setting.

To more easily access this first-of-its-kind platform, Solo by InTouch was recently added into Epic’s App Orchard, integrating user’s virtual care and EHR software. Making the app accessible via Epic gives providers and care teams an opportunity to leverage Solo by InTouch within their existing Epic workflows, providing technical and administrative relief to providers that are often bogged down by the lack of interoperability between HIT solutions.

In order to have a successful telehealth program, clinician adoption and use are the number one priority. Therefore, InTouch Health designed a unique Provider Access App to enable a simple and intuitive user experience. Reliable connections are made through dynamic bandwidth adaptation and video-quality optimization that enable HD connections through the InTouch Network.

Solo by InTouch is the first application that gives healthcare providers a platform that can be unique for every user, and it has the capabilities to connect physicians directly to the patient, as well as other providers and clinical resources. Through numerous conversations with our customers, we’ve learned the intricacies behind the need for deep integration with EHRs and telehealth services. From those insights, InTouch Health designed Solo by InTouch and our Provider Access App to offer providers and medical facilities unmatched telehealth capabilities, including:

  • Context-aware linking to simplify integration
  • Streamlined information flow between EHR and virtual consultation
  • Document data in one place to help reduce data entry errors
  • Simplified billing processes
  • Improved patient outcomes via immediate access to your health systems’ remote specialists through virtual consultations

Put simply, integrating Solo by InTouch into Epic’s App Orchard allows flexibility for healthcare providers to spend more time caring for patients and less time dealing with IT and administrative burdens.

Next-generation healthcare requires integrated and interoperable telehealth solutions – making Solo by InTouch available via the Epic App Orchard is the next step towards that goal of seamless care, anywhere, anytime.

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