InTouch Health and iSchemaView Partner to Improve Care for Stroke Victims 

Companies integrate their solutions to advance physician diagnosis of stroke through telemedicine.

SANTA BARBARA, CA, July 23, 2015 – At the ninth Telehealth Innovation Forum, InTouch Health today announced an exclusive global telehealth partnership with iSchemaView to integrate iSchemaView’s RAPID diagnostic tool into InTouch Health’s industry-leading telestroke solution.

Stroke occurs when a vessel in the brain ruptures or is blocked by a blood clot. There are two types of strokes: hemorrhagic and ischemic. An ischemic stroke occurs as a result of an obstruction within a blood vessel supplying blood to the brain, which accounts for 87% of all stroke cases. A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weakened blood vessel ruptures and spills blood into brain tissue. Approximately 800,000 people in the U.S. and 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke each year.

The InTouch Telehealth Network facilitates a remote consultation between a stroke doctor and patient during the critical time window for stroke treatment, which allows for more timely application of clinical therapies. The InTouch Network currently powers more than 65% of all U.S. telestroke networks and manages a telestroke consult every 9 minutes, touching the lives of nearly 60,000 victims annually.

iSchemaView’s RAPID diagnostic imaging platform provides advanced viewing, processing and analysis of blood flow in the brain, which allows physicians to more accurately assess the duration of the patient’s stroke and determine the most appropriate level of treatment. RAPID stands apart from other software systems due to its rapid and automated processing; use with imaging systems from all manufacturers; compatibility with CT and MRI; and significant clinical validation.

“We are pleased to partner with an innovative leader like iSchemaView to enable neurologists to gain accelerated insights into the diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients,” said Dr. Yulun Wang, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, InTouch Health. “Our aim is to continue expanding the InTouch Health remote presence ecosystem to provide world-class clinical services through our state-of-the-art virtual telemedicine technologies to meet the needs of our healthcare system customers.”

“InTouch Health provides unprecedented telehealth and telestroke capabilities, and their technology platform leads the industry,” said Dr. Greg Albers, M.D., Director, Stanford Stroke Center, and Pioneer of RAPID. “RAPID complements and expands the InTouch Health remote presence ecosystem, enhancing already state-of-the-art virtual telemedicine technologies to achieve a new level of care for individual hospitals and healthcare networks.”

About iSchemaView
iSchemaview provides the RAPID imaging platform directly to healthcare organizations and through its partnership with InTouch Health. RAPID provides blood flow maps with unprecedented accuracy, and is compatible with all major manufacturers of CT and MRI hardware. RAPID is installed at leading stroke centers worldwide, and is utilized by international experts in stroke neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, interventional radiology, emergency medicine, and medical image processing.

About InTouch Health
InTouch Health provides technology-enabled services to healthcare organizations for the delivery of highest-quality virtual care, anytime, anywhere. InTouch Health has helped more than 110 healthcare systems deploy telehealth programs across their enterprise, and into other sites of care, quickly and seamlessly using its industry-leading combination of professionals, processes and practices. InTouch Health has surpassed 500,000 potentially life-saving telehealth consults over the InTouch Telehealth Network and now manages more than 130,000 clinical connections annually for over 1,200 hospital locations globally.