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How Telehealth Helps Your Brand

Telehealth has proven to be more than just a delivery method for medical care; it serves as a solution for access to medical providers, and it’s a tool to execute strategy and achieve innovation in healthcare. Hospitals, medical centers, and health systems are turning to telehealth and telemedicine to benefit their brands. Here’s what they are doing and how your brand can follow suit to reap the benefits of telehealth implementation.

Telehealth Increases Market Share and Revenue 
Telehealth is a proven way for brands to expose their services to new areas and new patients – and it’s very cost-effective. Your brand can create new revenue streams by using telehealth to introduce new services from pharmacy kiosks to open employer clinics and more. Your brand can leverage specialists across the healthcare system where it is difficult to have them at each and every facility. In addition, your brand can advance into competitors’ territories without undertaking the expense of leasing or building new facilities. Telehealth systems can also assist your brand with marketing wellness programs to all kinds of area employers, from schools to private entities.

It Reduces Readmissions and Improves the Discharge Process  
Perhaps the most immediately noticeable benefit of telehealth for brands that incorporate services is the improvement of the discharge process and a reduction in the number of readmissions facilities see. Family members of patients have always played an important role in the care and recovery of patients; thanks to telehealth, they can now participate in teleconsultations with caregivers even before their family members leave the hospital. They can ask questions, be briefed on after-discharge care, and receive support in anticipation of their loved one’s release – without having to visit the hospital.

Telehealth Improves Internal Finances  
While telehealth is now commonly included in wellness programs, brands that include hospitals and healthcare centers can attain significant savings when they make it an integral part of their benefits programs. For example, hospital employees visit the emergency department at their facilities because it’s convenient; what if hospitals reduced copays to $0, with the stipulation that the employee undergo a telehealth consultation first to discourage so many non-essential ED visits? One hospital did exactly that and trimmed its ED treatment costs by $900,000 while relieving pressure on the ED staff, as well.

Telehealth Escalates Staff Training and Education 
Physicians are quickly realizing the value of telemedicine software and devices to take advantage of multi-party video conferencing to discuss patient treatment, resident education, and everything else regarding patient care. In addition, residents and staff members are able to observe and discuss consultations and procedures remotely, saving time and costs. Your brand can engage the same principles to meet your own collaboration and training needs.

Telehealth programs can be tailored for all varieties of brands from hospitals and healthcare centers to support specific goals and objectives. These programs can be incredibly flexible; brands can engage in various innovations to improve staff development, partnerships and financial performance, care coordination and delivery, and much more, ultimately improving patient care and brand success.