Health Plan Members Want More Telehealth and Better Apps

Health Plan Members Want More Telehealth and Better Apps

New Study Shows Demand for Telehealth Is Rising Among Health Plan Members

A company known as J.D. Power, a U.S.-based marketing research company, released the results of a new survey tracking satisfaction rates among health plan members. The results indicated that these members want more access to telehealth services, better telehealth apps and technology, and lower prices for healthcare services. This suggests consumers are eager for change in the healthcare system.

Making Sense of the 2019 Commercial Member Health Plan Study

J.D. Power is known for gauging consumer satisfaction across a number of different industries, including healthcare. The company recently released the results of its 2019 Commercial Member Health Plan Study, which tracks satisfaction rates among health plan members. The results are derived from the responses of over 28,000 commercial plan members, recorded during the first quarter of 2019. 

According to the results, customers are increasingly satisfied with their health plans. Satisfaction rates were up seven points from 2018, coming in at 713 on a 1,000-point scale. Satisfaction rates have been on the rise for the last three years. 

The company surveyed members of 146 U.S. health plans across 22 regions, including California, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Colorado, and Pennsylvania. It measured customer satisfaction across a range of categories that included billing and payment, cost, coverage and benefits, customer service, information and communication, provider choice, experience, and member engagement. 

Based on recent trends, satisfaction rates are 254 points higher when members believe their insurer is actively trying to lower out-of-pocket costs, better coordinate care, and ensure their members have enough coverage. 

The results of the 2019 survey show:

  • 54% of participants said their current plan delivers when it comes to lowering costs, coordinating care, and providing enough coverage.
  • 48% said they were either “very” or “somewhat likely” to consider using telehealth in the future.
  • 51% of members between the ages of 25 and 42 said they were in favor of using telehealth.

The Demand for More Telehealth and Better Apps

When it comes to lowering out-of-pocket costs and improving the coordination of care between different providers, members generally agreed that telehealth could help solve these problems. The results also indicate that members believe telehealth can improve access to care. Overall, members also stated they were generally dissatisfied with the current apps their insurers use to provide care. 

Improving Health Plan Memberships

Insurers can use this information to improve their health plans to better meet the needs of their consumers. Based on the results of the survey, it’s clear that many consumers want greater access to care and telehealth services. Incorporating telehealth into coverage health plans could further improve customer satisfaction rates.

These companies also need to improve the functionality of their mobile apps to help consumers better access healthcare services, increase awareness of their health, and better manage their treatment plans. Insurers should consider improving the interfaces and usability of their healthcare apps and offering more telehealth services on these digital platforms to improve customer satisfaction ratings.

All healthcare companies should take these findings to heart and consider revising their treatment plans to incorporate more virtual health care options. This can help lower out-of-pocket expenses, reduce the number of hospitalizations and unnecessary in-person appointments, and increase access to healthcare services. 

The 2019 Commercial Member Health Plan Study sheds light on the current state of health plan memberships and telehealth. The more data the industry collects on consumer satisfaction rates, the better insurers and healthcare providers can meet the needs of their patients and customers. Visit InTouch Health to learn more about the state of telehealth.