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InTouch Health's telehealth network and services can expand access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient, at any time, while reducing overall cost of care....

  • 1750 locations
  • 130Health Systems
  • 30+ Use Cases
  • ANY Environment
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Corporate Governance Principles

The primary role of InTouch Health's Board of Directors is to oversee how management serves the interests of shareowners and other stakeholders. 

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InTouch Health’s mission is to provide a Telehealth Network and Services to support access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient at any time, while reducing overall costs of care. Our senior management and staff are devoted to leveraging their combined experience in telemedicine, telecommunications, healthcare products and services, and robotics to assist health systems to deploy telehealth programs quickly and seamlessly.

InTouch Quality Policy 

  • We strive the exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through continuous improvement, customers interaction, regulatory compliance, and employee satisfaction  

Our Customers 

  • We are committed to understanding and exceeding out customers’ expectations everyday 
  • We are dedicated to enabling our customers to deliver patient care through remote presence safety, efficiently, and effectively 
  • We are driven to improving clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs 

Our Employees

  • We foster an environment that promotes attainment of personal and professional goals, and a culture where all can     thrive at the highest levels 
  • We will cultivate a work environment with equal opportunity for learning and growth, and consider the best qualified     people for available career advancements
  • We will treat each team member with concern, respect, and a caring attitude every day
  • We value the individual, the team, and the process of collaboration to deliver extraordinary results

Continuous Improvement 

  • We embrace the process of continuous improvement as we strive for excellence across all facets of our business 
  • We believe the continuous improvement through ongoing learning us critical to our long-term success
  • We are committed to delivering superior value through highly effective, lean and disciplined operating process.


  • We believe in an open and transparent environment where communication is key to success 
  • We believe in a learning environment where teaching one another is valued 
  • We will not shy away from the reality of a situation, and will trust our teammates to discuss difficult issues openly with a     goal of resulotion 
  • We are committed to being accountable and working as a team to achieve our goals


  • We believe that our continued success depends on our ability to constantly innovate
  • We strive to continue to lead the market by developing and delivering innovative products and solutions
  • We understand that innovation requires risk and failure, which are acceptable provided we learn


  • We know that our customers depend on our product always working, and recognize that oftentimes patients’ lives are at     stake 
  • We understand that quality products and services require the foundation of a quality organization
  • We always week fact-based, root cause solutions and value constructive self-criticism 
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