InTouch Health Expands Telehealth Network & Services for Access to Care Anytime, Anywhere

Santa Barbara, CA, January 27, 2015 – InTouch Health today announced new advances and significant milestones that reinforce its position as the leading telehealth network and services provider for healthcare systems. InTouch Health is expanding its business model from an “acute care clinical services” focus to an enterprise “care anywhere, anytime” model. InTouch Health currently offers a number of clinically designed FDA-cleared devices to support acute care services. InTouch Health is now launching Viewpoint, a software solution that will allow consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops to be used with the InTouch Telehealth Network.

Yulun Wang, PhD, Chairman and CEO, InTouch Health, said, “Our customers have asked us to help them expand beyond their acute care needs to achieve a much broader telehealth strategy. The virtualization of healthcare can transform the industry by improving access and quality while reducing overall costs. InTouch Health is ideally positioned to capitalize on this significant opportunity as telehealth is embraced across the care continuum.”

Health Systems Diversify with InTouch Telehealth Network

InTouch Health’s cloud-based TeleHealth Network (previously called SureCONNECT) has been developed over the past decade to support the delivery of real-time interactive remote care. InTouch Health enables healthcare systems to deploy telehealth applications not only across their own hospitals, but also to other sites such as non-affiliated hospitals, rehab centers, long-term care, clinics and homes while providing:

  • Care connections anywhere, anytime
  • Proven reliability
  • Clinical workflow support
  • Healthcare compliance
  • Business analytics
  • A virtual marketplace for telehealth services

Unprecedented Telehealth Experience

The InTouch Telehealth Network manages 1,250 patient access locations for more than 110 healthcare systems including many of the nation’s leading providers. InTouch Health manages provider access for more than 11,000 doctors and clinicians and connects 12,000 monthly encounters with a total experience nearing 500,000 consults. InTouch Health partners with more than 20 physician service organizations to provide or augment hospital call panel coverage. Expanded clinical services will come online throughout 2015.

Telehealth Leadership

InTouch is also expanding its thought leadership through a Webinar series for hospital operators seeking to chart the course in this rapidly evolving space. Additionally, InTouch provides around-the-clock access to its Telehealth Innovation Center where providers have access to simulated care environments to experience telehealth.

InTouch Health will be hosting its 9th Telehealth Innovation Forum, a premier conference where healthcare leaders share telehealth best practices, results and clinical outcomes, this coming July, 2015.

About InTouch Health

InTouch Health provides technology-enabled services to healthcare organizations for the delivery of high quality virtual care, anytime, anywhere.  InTouch Health has helped more than 110 healthcare systems deploy telehealth programs across their enterprise, and into other sites of care, quickly and seamlessly using its industry-leading combination of professionals, processes and practices.  The InTouch Telehealth Network provides users unmatched ease of use and diagnostic capabilities, proven reliability, FDA and HIPPA compliance, secure access control, and clinical and technical reporting.