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InTouch Health's telehealth network and services can expand access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient, at any time, while reducing overall costs

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InTouch Health named the 2017 “Highest-Performing Vendor” in KLAS® Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms Report


InTouch Health is rated the highest-performing vendor in “Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017” by 108 unique healthcare organizations, according to a performance report published by KLAS. The report compared nine leading telehealth vendors in virtual clinics, urgent care, and telespecialty consultations.

With an overall score of 89.8, InTouch Health came in ahead of competitors, recognized for the adaptability of our network and strong customer support through every phase of implementation.

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Highlights from the report data include:

  • 100% of clients report they would purchase again from InTouch Health
  • Top performer in acute care telespecialty consultations 
  • Highest rated vendor for service and support
  • Highest rated vendor for ease of use
  • Highest rated vendor for overall product quality
  • Highest rated vendor for functionality and upgrades

Don’t just take our word for it.
See what our customers are saying:

With the total solution that InTouch Health offers, our internal IT team essentially does not have to touch the product, and this is very appealing to our IT staff. The InTouch Health team provides all of the ongoing maintenance and support for the system.

InTouch Health has a particularly reliable platform. InTouch Health is there when we need them, and the system works when we need it to. InTouch Health is the most reliable vendor out there in terms of their solution being online and ready to go.

The biggest benefit of having InTouch Telehealth network is that it works consistently… Every time we connect to a cart, it works. That is a big benefit for us compared to what we were used to with our previous telehealth system.

InTouch Health has excellent products and unbelievable support. I have rarely met or worked with a vendor that provides so much immediate support. When we have any issues, they give us pretty much instantaneous support.

In terms of the EMR that is related to the interface, InTouch Health has helped us to modify that as well as the different endpoint platforms that they have. That allows for greater flexibility depending on what our purpose is for the different sites. InTouch Health’s platform is flexible, and they continually revise their EMR to try to meet our needs. That is quite helpful. 

InTouch Health is a very customer-oriented company. They have someone who comes out and provides the initial training, and that individual also does refresher training if needed. If we have issues, our IT people can get in contact with InTouch Health.

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InTouch Health is profiled as the highest rated vendor included in "Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017," a performance report published by KLAS.

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Telehealth Virtual Care Platforms 2017

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