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5 Things to Look for in a Telehealth Vendor

Find the Right Telehealth Vendor with These Helpful Tips

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the rise of telehealth and telemedicine. But as exciting as this technology can be, finding the right vendor and system for your practice or hospital isn’t always straightforward. Making sense of all these technical specifications and digital features can leave some program managers feeling overwhelmed. But this new technology should work for you and your colleagues, not against you. You need to find a vendor that will have your back as you go about implementing this technology into your practice. Use these tips to find top telemedicine companies and the best telehealth software for your facility.


Is Their Telehealth Software Easy to Use?

You and your colleagues will be using this new system day in and day out, so it needs to be easy-to-use or it could end up slowing your entire workflow down. The interface should be easy to navigate as you search for information. Depending on the software, your patients may even need to use this software as well, so it needs to be as straightforward as possible.

Has the company set up a live demo, so they can answer questions as you use the system for the first time? You also need to consider any device or system requirements that may affect your ability to use this software.


Security and Encryption Are Key

Cybersecurity is a fundamental part of using digital technology, especially when you’re storing sensitive healthcare information. Your telehealth vendor should feature extensive encryption technology to prevent hackers from accessing or disclosing this information. The vendor also needs to have a business associate agreement in place to protect private information. And their software needs to be HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant to make sure it meets certain industry standards. Keeping your patients’ information safe should always be your number-one priority when switching to telehealth.


What About Mobile Access?

One of the biggest benefits of switching to telehealth is accessing your practice information on the go using a telemedicine app. Even if you’re used to doing everything at your desk, you never know when you might need to log in from afar. You can quickly schedule patients, check someone’s records, access your payment information and correspond with patients in real-time if you make sure your vendor offers full mobile compatibility.


Do They Offer Robust Customer Support?

All kinds of issues and questions are bound to pop up when you’re installing a new system. Your new vendor should have a robust customer service and IT support team in place to help you and your team make this delicate transition. As you compare vendors, you’ll quickly get a sense of who’s helpful and who’s not. The company’s customer service personnel should be friendly, knowledgeable and prompt.

If and when something goes wrong with your system, being placed on hold isn’t an option, especially when you have patients waiting to use these services, or when delivering care is time-sensitive, such as in high-acuity situations. Ideally, their customer support team should be available 24/7. Don’t be afraid to use that customer service number and make sure they’re the real deal.

Finding top telemedicine companies takes time and plenty of due diligence. You can’t afford to sign onto the first vendor you find. In fact, we would argue that instead of searching for a telehealth vendor, search for a telehealth partner who will work with you and your team to ensure the solution meets your needs. Do your research and make sure your vendor has a product that’s easy-to-use, and accessible on-the-go with reliable customer support.

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